Land Donations

Lands donated to the Habitat Authority include:

In February of 1997, Benson Ford Jr. generously donated 8 acres of vacant land located in Hacienda Heights. Along with this donation was a monetary gift of $20,000 to assist with the clean up of the former home site. Since its acquisition, the Habitat Authority has revegetated the site with native plants, and regularly has it patrolled by rangers to keep it secure and safe for the nearby neighborhood. This property has a beautiful vista and is a regular resting spot for recreationists using the Los Angeles County Schabarum (Skyline) Regional Trail.

In December of 2002, Janis Grimont generously donated 5 acres of vacant land located in La Habra Heights. Her donation was made first to the Wildlife Corridor Conservation Authority, another local government joint powers authority, and transferred to the Habitat Authority in a simultaneous chain transaction. The land is located in the middle of a very narrow section of a wildlife corridor that extends from the 605 Freeway in the west, all of the way to the Santa Ana Mountains in the east. One benefit from this land linkage is that it helps to ensure a continuous pathway for migrating wildlife.

Tax Consequences of donating.