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Preserving and Protecting Local Open Space

The Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority (“the Habitat Authority”) manages approximately 3,886 acres of public open space in the Puente Hills Preserve, which includes Hacienda Hills, Turnbull Canyon, Sycamore Canyon, Hellman Park, Arroyo Pescadero and Powder Canyon. The Habitat Authority’s mission is the restoration and management of the Puente Hills for preservation and to provide outdoor recreation for the community. The Habitat Authority also helps prevent and respond to wildfires and other emergencies in the area.

Additional Funding Required to Meet Current Operations and Needs

The Habitat Authority has made budget cuts and tightened its belt considerably in recent years. Positions have been left unfunded and many services and programs have been cut. Remaining program and service levels do not meet current needs, even as lengthening fire seasons and neighborhood safety concerns increase the need for services. Without additional, reliable funding, the Habitat Authority will be forced to make additional cuts, which could include eliminating Ranger services and limiting access for individuals and families.

Community Facilities District

Although no final decisions have been made, the Habitat Authority is considering forming a legal entity called a Community Facilities District (CFD). The current CFD boundaries being considered would include the entirety of the cities of Whittier and La Habra Heights as well as part of the communities of Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights and Workman Mill.

Potential Source of Local Funding

While no final determination has been made, a CFD would allow the Habitat Authority to explore local funding options, including a potential special tax of about $20 annually on real property in the designated geographic area.

The top priorities for the measure include the security and cleanliness of the Preserve, preventing wildfires and maintaining and protecting natural lands and habitats.

Key projects would include:

  • Clearing brush from emergency access roads for first responders
  • Protecting local natural lands by prevent homeless encampments, vandalism and illegal dumping
  • Maintaining natural habitats, including the Hacienda Hills, Turnbull Canyon, Sycamore Canyon, Hellman Park, Arroyo Pescadero and Powder Canyon
  • Maintaining park ranger patrols for fire safety, keeping our hills and trails safe and providing emergency response

Strict Fiscal Accountability & Local Control

A potential measure would include strict fiscal accountability provisions, including:

All funds would be locally controlled and could not be taken by the State or used for other purposes
Annual audits and public financial disclosures would ensure proper use of funds


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about options for maintaining ranger services, wildfire prevention and natural area preservation efforts in the Puente Hills.

To learn more, please click here for a fact sheet.

To view our fact sheet in Spanish click here, to view it in Korean click here, and to view it in Chinese click here.

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