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Public Meetings

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Board Meetings

The Board holds regular meetings every 3rd Thursday of the month at 3 p.m. at the offices of the Joint Administration Office of the County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County (also known as the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts), 1955 Workman Mill Road, Whittier, California unless noticed otherwise. Beginning March 2023, Board meetings will be held in person, and available virtually as well. SEE AGENDAS FOR DETAILS.

Advisory Committee Meetings

The Citizens Technical Advisory Committee holds regular meetings on the Tuesday before the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at Palm Park, 5703 Palm Ave, Whittier, CA 90601, unless noticed otherwise on each agenda.

Provide Public Comment

All members of the public are welcome to attend and provide comments at these meetings. If you cannot attend the meeting, but have public comments, please submit them to at least one day prior to the meeting day, and you will receive a confirmation of receipt.

Receive Agendas

If you would like to be added to the agenda email list for these meetings please email

The below list provides links to agendas and supporting material packets for agendas.

Agendas & Related Items

To join via Zoom, please navigate to the following:

7-18-24Board packet meeting materials 7-18-24
7-18-24Board agenda 7-18-24
6-20-24Board cancelation notice 6-20-24
6-12-24Board agenda 6-12-24
6-12-24Board packet meeting materials 6-12-24 – corrected
5-16-24Board cancelation notice 5-16-24
4-18-24Board agenda 4-18-24
4-18-24Board packet-meeting materials 4-18-24

Amended Board agenda 3-28-24

03-28-24Board agenda 3-28-24
03-28-243-28-24 item 6 dog waste bag follow up ADDENDUM
03-28-24Board packet-meeting materials 3-28-24 
03-21-24Cancelation of 3-21-2024 Board Meeting
02-15-24Board agenda 2-15-2024
02-15-24Board packet-meeting materials 2-15-2024
01-18-24Board agenda 1-18-2024
01-18-24Board packet-meeting materials 1-18-2024
12-21-23Board agenda 12-21-23
12-21-23Board packet-meeting materials 12-21-23
11-16-23Cancellation of 11-16-23 Board meeting
10-19-23Cancellation of 10-19-23 Board meeting
09-21-23Board agenda 9-21-2023
09-21-23Board packet- meeting materials 9-21-2023
08-17-23Amended Board agenda 8-17-2023
08-17-23Board packet- meeting materials 8-17-2023
07-20-23Amended Board agenda 7-20-2023
07-20-23Board packet meeting materials 7-20-2023
06-15-23Cancellation of 6-15-2023 Board meeting
05-25-23Board agenda 5-25-2023
05-25-23Board packet meeting materials 5-25-2023
05-18-23Cancellation of 5-18-2023 Board meeting
04-20-23Board agenda 4-20-2023
04-20-23Board packet meeting materials 4-20-2023
03-22-23Board agenda 3-22-2023
03-22-23Board packet meeting materials 3-22-2023
03-16-23Cancellation of 3-16-2023 Board meeting
02-16-23Board agenda 2-16-23
02-16-23Board packet-meeting materials 2-16-23
01-19-23Board agenda 1-19-23
01-19-23Board packet-meeting materials for 1-19-23 
01-19-23Public Hearing Notice Jan.19, 2023- Ordinance 2022-01
12-15-22Agenda for 12-15-22 Board meeting
12-15-22Packet for 12-15-22 Board meeting
11-17-22Agenda for 11-17-22 Board meeting
11-17-22Meeting materials (packet) for 11-17-22 Board meeting
10-20-22Agenda for 10-20-22 Board meeting
10-20-22Packet for 10-20-22 Board meeting
09-22-22Agenda for 9-22-22 special Board meeting
09-22-22Packet for 9-22-22 special Board meeting
09-15-22Cancellation of 9-15-22 regular Board meeting
08-18-22Agenda for 8-18-22 regular Board meeting.
08-18-22Packet for 8-18-22 regular Board meeting
07-21-22Cancellation of 7-21-22 Board meeting
06-30-22Agenda for 6-30-22 special Board meeting
06-30-22Packet for 6-30-22 special Board meeting
06-16-22Cancellation of 6-16-22 Board meeting
05-25-22Agenda for 5-25-22 special Board meeting
05-25-22Packet for 5-25-22 special Board meeting
05-19-22Cancellation & reschedule for 5-19-22 Board meeting
04-21-22Agenda for 4-21-22 Board meeting
04-21-22Packet for 4-21-22 Board meeting
04-08-22Agenda for 4-8-22 special Board meeting
04-08-22Packet for 4-8-22 special Board meeting
03-17-22Agenda for 3-17-22 Board meeting
03-17-22Packet for 3-17-22 Board meeting
02-17-22Staff report for Board 2-17-22 item 5
02-17-22Amended agenda for 2-17-22 Board meeting
02-17-22Agenda for 2-17-22 Board meeting
02-17-22Packet for 2-17-22 Board meeting
01-20-22Amended agenda for 1-20-22 special Board meeting
01-20-22Agenda for 1-20-22 Board meeting
01-20-22Packet for 1-20-22 Board meeting
7-16-24Advisory Committee packet meeting materials 7-16-24
7-16-24Advisory Committee agenda 7-16-24
6-18-24Advisory Committee cancelation notice 6-18-24
6-11-24Advisory Committee agenda 6-11-24
6-11-24Advisory Committee packet-meeting materials 6-11-24 – corrected
5-14-24Advisory Committee cancelation notice 5-14-24
4-15-24Advisory Committee agenda 4-15-24
4-15-24Advisory Committee packet-meeting materials 4-15-24
4-16-24Cancelation of 4-16-24 regular CTAC meeting
03-26-24Advisory Committee agenda 03-26-24
03-26-243-26-24 CTAC item IX_dog waste bags follow up ADDENDUM
03-26-24Advisory Committee packet-meeting materials 3-26-24
03-19-24Cancelation of 3-19-2024 CTAC Meeting
02-13-24Advisory Committee agenda 2-13-2024
02-13-24Advisory Committee packet-meeting materials 2-13-2024
01-16-24Advisory Committee agenda 1-16-2024
01-16-24Advisory Committee packet-meeting materials 1-16-2024
12-19-23Advisory Committee agenda 12-19-23
12-19-23Advisory Committee packet-meeting materials 12-19-23
11-14-23Cancellation of 11-14-23 CTAC meeting
10-17-23Advisory Committee packet-meeting materials 10-17-23
10-17-23Advisory Committee packet-meeting materials 10-17-23
09-19-23Advisory Committee Agenda 9-19-23
09-19-23Advisory Committee packet meeting materials 9-19-23
08-15-23Cancellation of 8-15-23 CTAC meeting
07-18-23Cancellation of 7-18-2023 CTAC meeting
06-13-23Cancellation of 6-13-2023 CTAC meeting
05-23-23Advisory Committee agenda 5-23-2023
05-23-23Advisory Committee packet- meeting materials 5-23-2023
05-16-23Cancellation of 5-16-2023  CTAC meeting
04-18-20Advisory Committee CANCellation 4-18-20
04-18-23Advisory Committee agenda 4-18-2023 -Cancelled
04-18-23Advisory Committee packet meeting materials 4-18-2023 Cancelled
03-21-23Advisory Committee agenda 3-21-2023
03-21-23Advisory Committee packet meeting materials 3-21-2023
03-14-23Cancellation of 3-14-2023 CTAC meeting
02-14-23Advisory Committee agenda 2-14-23
02-14-23Advisory Committee packet-meeting materials 2-14-23
01-17-23Advisory Committee cancel notice 1-17-23
12-13-22Cancellation of 12-13-22 CTAC meeting
11-15-22CTAC agenda 11-15-22
11-15-22PHHPA CTAC 11-15-22 meeting materials (packet)
10-18-22CTAC agenda 10-18-22
10-18-22PHHPA CTAC 10-18-22 packet
09-13-22Cancellation of 9-13-22 CTAC meeting
08-16-22Cancellation of 8-16-22 CTAC meeting
07-19-22Cancellation of 7-19-22 CTAC meeting
06-14-22Cancellation of 6-14-22 CTAC meeting
05-17-22Cancellation of 5-17-22 CTAC meeting
04-18-22Cancellation of 4-18-22 CTAC meeting
04-18-21Agenda for 4-18-21 special CTAC meeting
04-18-21Packet for 4-18-21 special CTAC meeting
03-15-21Agenda for 3-15-21 CTAC meeting
03-15-21Packet for 3-15-21 CTAC meeting
02-15-22Amended agenda for 2-15-22 special CTAC meeting
02-15-21Agenda for 2-15-21 CTAC meeting
02-15-21Packet for 2-15-21 CTAC meeting
01-18-22Cancellation of 1-18-22 CTAC meeting

For earlier meeting materials, please contact our office.

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