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About Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority

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Our Mission

The Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority (Habitat Authority) is dedicated to the acquisition, restoration, and management of open space in the Puente Hills for preservation of the land in perpetuity, with the primary purpose to protect the biological diversity. Additionally, the agency will endeavor to provide opportunities for outdoor education and low-impact recreation.

Our Vision

The Puente Hills region has unique, irreplaceable natural resources with vibrant and diverse wildlife. The Habitat Authority is a public agency created to protect and preserve the native habitat in the Puente Hills for the benefit of our natural resources.

Our Values

  • Stewardship: We work toward preservation of biodiversity for the perpetual benefit of nature and people, and we inspire others to do the same.
  • Collaboration: Our work is enhanced and enriched through partnerships.
  • Integrity: We deal honestly and fairly with the public, our partners, and one another.
  • Innovation: We pioneer and implement solutions in support of our mission.

Who We Are

The Habitat Authority is a public agency, Joint Powers Authority with a Board of Directors consisting of the City of WhittierCounty of Los AngelesSanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, and a member representing Hacienda Heights, who is a member of the Hacienda Heights Improvement Association. The Habitat Authority came into existence in 1994 as a condition of approval for the Puente Hills Landfill, its main funding source.

The Habitat Authority’s jurisdiction extends within eastern Los Angeles County approximately from the intersection of the 605 and 60 Freeways in the west to Harbor Boulevard in the east.

To date, the Habitat Authority manages approximately 3,870 acres of preserved public open space, of which 1,878 is owned by the Habitat Authority. The remaining lands are either owned by the City of Whittier or the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County. Ultimately it is hoped that over 4,000 acres will be preserved. The Habitat Authority’s main focus since inception has been acquisition of the remaining open space within its jurisdiction with special consideration given to the Hacienda Heights area. The thinking is that we need to acquire what is left before it is not available any more. We also engage in many other very important activities such as Preserve Management and Natural Resource Management, and provide many other valuable services such as Outreach and Trail Access.

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